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Réussir la transition énergétique

The négaWatt Association

Building an ambitious European energy scenario

To ensure that adequate action is taken to commit to the objectives set in the Paris Agreement, the European Union (EU) will have to define a clear 2050 decarbonisation and energy transition strategy. The question that remains is whether member States and EU institutions will support the implementation of a sufficiently ambitious and coherent roadmap on the long term.


Support the project

To raise their ambition and contribute to systemic change, the project will aim at developing and submitting for debate - both at national and EU levels - ambitious scenarios demonstrating the feasibility of reaching a net-zero emissions and 100% renewable energy system by 2050.

How ambitious ?

Most EU scenarios apprehend energy transition through the angle of production capacities and technological options, considering energy consumption reduction potentials solely through energy efficiency efforts. We are convinced that a more ambitious pathway can be supported by questioning uses and needs that shape our energy system, evaluating how they can be lowered through energy sufficiency and efficiency actions. We will then examine how remaining needs can be covered by renewables.

A collaborative approach

To increase dialogue between national stakeholders when it comes to energy transition planning, the project will develop, within a network of EU and national partners, a European vision based on a “bottom-up” approach : it will take into account national specificities by interfacing national scenarios and will evaluate integration and optimisation potentials between national systems.


The project will support the implementation of a comprehensive approach of the energy system, combined with an interdisciplinary analysis. The work will include in-depth and evidence-based sectoral analysis (transport, building, industry, agriculture…), evaluating possible solutions depending on physical, economic and social considerations.

The European scenario will contribute to systemic change, by showing that more ambitious policies for consumption-based emissions reductions can be implemented. It will strive to build collective support for a clear and long-term energy transition ambition as well as operational policies and measures. The network of partners will act as a proactive force in national and European discussions, ensuring structural impact of the project.

Up to date on 04/12/2018

négaWatt scenario 2017-2050

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Energy sufficiency

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