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Réussir la transition énergétique

The négaWatt Association

The négaWatt 2050 energy scenario

First issued in 2003, and updated several times since then, the négaWatt 2050 energy scenario for France is now a well acknowledged and recognised thorough piece of work to discuss the country’s energy future, and options to engage in a sustainable energy transition. The scenario is supported by a large number of civil society organisations, and has been considered in official assessment studies and national energy debates.

Covering all sectors (buildings, transport, industry, agriculture…) through thousands of parameters and sophisticated details, it shows how France could shift to a climate-friendly, nuclear-free, and sustainable energy future through an approach based on :

  • energy sufficiency : favouring low energy services and lifestyles,
  • energy efficiency : ensuring that energy is used in the most productive way,
  • renewables : developing first the greenest forms of energy for our supply.


The négaWatt Association has released on 25 January 2017 a new version of its 2050 energy outlook. Using improved and updated data, as well as refined tools and calculations, it confirms that France can reach 100% renewable energy by 2050 while phasing-out nuclear. The négaWatt approach leads to achieving the energy transition, meeting the objectives of the Paris Climate Deal, and generating net benefits for the French economy, as confirmed by a financial and job assessment.

Resources on the négaWatt scenario are available in English :

négaWatt scenario 2022

(pdf - 793 Mo)


Energy sufficiency

(pdf - 1,1 Mo)


négaWatt scenario 2017-2050

(pdf - 788 Ko)