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Réussir la transition énergétique

The négaWatt Association

CLEVER : a Collaborative Low Energy Vision for the European Region

CLEVER proposes an ambitious and realistic decarbonisation pathway for Europe. It has been developed through a bottom-up approach that starts with the national trajectories constructed by 26 national partners from the academic world, research, or civil society. The scenario presents a pathway that reconciles the long-term climate and sustainability imperatives with the short-term energy security constraints and practical feasibility of such a transformation.

CLEVER evaluates the potential of energy demand reduction (sufficiency and efficiency) and renewable energy development at the national and European level, with the aim to reach carbon neutrality at the European level by 2050 at the very latest, together with a 100% renewable mix.


A dedicated website is now online ! Discover the project and CLEVER final reports and results.

négaWatt scenario 2022

(pdf - 793 Mo)


Energy sufficiency

(pdf - 1,1 Mo)


négaWatt scenario 2017-2050

(pdf - 788 Ko)