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Association négaWatt

Appel d'offre : prestation de services

Cet appel d’offres est lancé par l’Association négaWatt, association à but non lucratif basée en France et membre du consortium du projet FULFILL.
Il s’agit de prestations de services en Inde en langue anglaise, à effectuer depuis le lieu de résidence du sous-traitant.

This call for tenders is issued by the négaWatt Association, non-profit organisation based in France and member of the consortium of the FULFILL project ↗. It concerns the provision of services in India in English language, to be carried out from the address of the sub-contractor (except for meetings and trips for which the costs will be reimbursed pursuant to applicable rules and procedures of the négaWatt Association).
The activities are to be carried out from December 2022 to mid-February 2023, and include :

  • Suggesting three exemplary local initiatives or intentional communities in India that foster sufficiency (i.e. the reduction of energy use and/or carbon footprint through activities promoting lifestyle changes) ; the initiatives shall be diverse in terms of location and scope. The final choice of the initiatives will be decided by Association négaWatt based on the sub-contractor’s suggestions and other sources from the FULFILL project.
  • Identifying 10 to 15 individuals fairly distributed among the participants in the selected initiatives who agree to take part in qualitative interviews.
  • Participating in a preparatory meeting with social science researchers from the FULFILL project to adequately conduct the qualitative interviews in the framework of this research.
  • Carrying out qualitative individual interviews with the 10 to 15 identified people, in line with the instructions and interview guide provided by Association négaWatt.
  • Writing a summary of each individual interview in English, highlighting the most salient and representative quotes in each interview
  • Drafting a national report including preliminary analysis of the interview data and contextual elements.
  • Supporting Association négaWatt in preparing the final report due in February 2023.

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  The complete call for tenders